Provider Services

Cost Efficiencies

  • Better management of chronic disease and fewer hospitalizations
  • Reduced travel times and increased patient contacts
  • Increased acceptance, demand and satisfaction by consumers and insurance companies

If Your Patients

  • Live in a rural area
  • Can’t afford to take time off from work to commute to weekly appointments in town
  • Have limited financial resources
  • Don’t have transportation
  • Are unable to drive
  • Don’t have access to public transportation
  • Are unable to leave their home
  • Aren’t allowed to drive due to medical, health, age or mental conditions?

Then Arcadian Telepsychiatry is for you!

  • Safe – Provided by experts in emergency psychiatry with special training in telemedicine
  • Accurate – In-depth assessments
  • Risk reduction – in working with suicidal, homicidal and aggressive patients
  • Decreased – seclusion, restraint, forced medication, staff/patient injuries, elopements
  • Secure – HIPAA compliant
  • Quality – Evidence based psychiatric medicine
  • Options – Availability of initial consultations, follow-ups, and emergency department disposition services.
  • Cost effective – decreased hospital admissions, lengths of stay, unnecessary medications, and use of 1:1 Observation
  • Flow Through – patients move faster through your acute medical setting, clinic, or crisis services