Where Technology Meets Psychiatry

A typical telepsychiatry consult involves the sharing of different kinds of protected health information (PHI). Patient privacy is of greatest importance to us. All patients complete an informed consent form which has been formally tailored to allow patients to carefully understand how the presence of outsiders or non-clinical persons involved in teleconsultations impacts privacy and confidentiality issues.

Our technology requirements depend on you. Our system is cloud based and can access any system you may have. If you don’t have one, we can recommend and advise you on finding the right fit. Our system is compatible with Mac and PC operating systems. Our system works on Polycom, LifeSize, Tandberg and Radvision. In other words, we are your end point for all your technology needs as well as your psychiatry needs. We are where technology meets psychiatry!

Technology shouldn’t be a barrier to health, nor should location. We’ve partnered with the right technology companies to ensure that treatment of our patients is the number one priority. Our staff will work with your IT departments to ensure you receive the maximum value for the minimum price. If you don’t have an IT department, then we will be your IT department.

Our  technology is HIPAA compliant and we follow best industry practices to ensure the privacy of information and data exchanged.

  • No video, audio or data is stored at any point on our servers.
  • No recordings of any audio, video or data are created or stored.
  • All communication between the desktop and our servers is encrypted using Secure Real-time Transport Protocol (or SRTP), intended to provide encryption, message authentication and integrity, and replay protection to the RTP data in both unicast and multicast applications. It was developed by a small team of IP protocol and cryptographic experts from Cisco and Ericsson.
  • We enforce strong User IDs and Passwords.
  • This solution is in use with other telemedicine users and has been used it to i.e. broadcast live surgeries out of major medical facilities.