Why Arcadian Telepsychiatry

Value We Bring

Since 1997, Social Work prn has worked with mental health organizations in the Philadelphia and surrounding areas providing them with qualified mental health workers. As we expanded to the rest of Pennsylvania, we discovered a great need for psychiatric services, but found there was a lack of providers in rural areas. As a result, we founded Arcadian Telepsychiatry to deliver psychiatric care to rural and urban populations, where there are needs for children and adolescents, adult and geriatric psychiatric services.

According to the American Psychiatric Association:   “Telepsychiatry is one of the most effective ways to increase access to psychiatric care for individuals living in underserved areas.”

“I worked at the Institute of Pennsylvania Hospital as a psychiatric social worker.  Every morning we had “fish bowl” rounds during which the attending psychiatrists would filter through the team meeting to discuss their respective patients. Through the use of video conferencing, we are looking to extend care to underserved areas, bringing our psychiatrists closer to those who are in need.” — Robert Plotkin L.S.W.  Arcadian Telepsychiatry and Social Work p.r.n.

Who Do We Serve?

Arcadian Value proposition in Colleges and Universities

  • Rapid treatment of substance abuse , depression, anxiety, sleep disturbance, suicidal ideation and aggression – improves student retention
  • Allows students with mental illness to get the help they need to stay in school
  • Improves access to psychiatric care

Arcadian Value proposition in substance abuse

  • Makes suboxene and other pharmacologic treatment for alcohol and drug abuse available
  • Provides orders for detoxification, especially using standardized scales
  • Improves outcomes as treating the underlying mental illness increases the likelihood of completing rehab, as well as staying sober after discharge

Arcadian value proposition in EAPs, wellness centers

  • Rapid same or next day access to telepsychiatrist decreases absenteeism, disability and absence related to lost productivity of workers
  • Decreased healthcare costs as employees treated by Arcadian telepsychiatrists will have less inpatient and outpatient costs
  • Onsite and offsite intervention without the stigma of missing work or prolonged absences due to depression or anxiety or related disorders
  • Telepsychiatry easily integrates into a variety of employer programs, including EAP, Disease Management and disability

Arcadian value proposition in Urgent Care Centers

  • On demand telepsychiatry allows patients visiting urgent care centers to get rapid mental health evaluations with follow up by PCP or referrals to other clinicians
  • Frees staff up handle medical presentations that urgent care centers are used to

Arcadian value proposition in community mental health centers

  • Community mental health centers frequently lack coverage by child, adolescent and adult psychiatrists.
  • Reliable assessment, diagnosis and treatment with pharmacology and psychotherapy has been demonstrated to be effective

Arcadian value proposition in schools

  • Schools are excellent sites for telepsychiatry
  • Convenient for patient, parent and school officials
  • Ideal location  to reach children and adolescents with mental health,  intellectual disabilities and behavioral issues

Arcadian value proposition in Shelters

  • Rapid assessment of at risk youth and adults in shelters
  • Immediate intervention and assessment

Arcadian value proposition to skilled nursing facilities

  • Decreased agitation and aggression amongst SNF residents
  • Decreased the need for hospitalizations and visits to ERs
  • Decreased polypharmacy through judicious use of medications

Arcadian value proposition to juvenile justice

  • Arcadian provides child and adolescent psychiatrists to urban and rural facilities
  • Many facilities need only 8-12 hours per month.  Arcadian psychiatrists are available remotely, reducing travel expenses and loss of time
  • Remotes evaluations for admissions can occur as can emergency services

Arcadian value proposition to federally qualified health centers

  • Arcadian can bring the psychiatrists to rural and urban underserved medical clinics where there are no psychiatrists.
  • Multiple community medical clinics can share Arcadian telepsychiatrists without excessive travel time usually needed to accommodate services at various clinics
  • Smaller clinics can now have access to quality psychiatry services
  • Telepsychiatrists can handle prescribing, or act as consultant to the primary care physician.

Arcadian value proposition to Correctional facilities

  • Most jails are under State and Federal mandates to treat mentally ill patients, and the number of psychiatrists willing to go into jails is declining.
  • Costs to transport inmates out of prison for psychiatric care is high, and there are many dangers associated with moving them.
  • Treatment of psychiatric illnesses in prison decreases the prevalence of violence and suicide

Arcadian Value proposition in Emergency Rooms.

We are bringing psychiatrists and social workers to emergency rooms to reduce waiting times. We can provide your facility with qualified psychiatrists and social workers via teleconferencing to meet with patients in the emergency rooms to assist with moving patients through the hospital system.

Accroding to the ACEP study in 2008:

  • 80% reported mental health boarding problems
  • 40% boarders greater than 8 hours; 9% boarders greater than 24 hours
  • 55% reported boarding psychiatric patients every day
  • 74% agreed psychiatric patients require increased nursing and other resources
  • 85% reported  wait times would improve if psychiatric services available

ER psychiatrists and social workers can:

  • Assess and enhance safety of the patient and others
  • Establish provisional diagnosis of the mental disorder most likely to be responsible for the current emergency – including identification of medical conditions or substance abuse
  • Identify family who can give information to confirm accuracy of history. If patient to be discharged, address families ability to care for patient
  • Identify any treatment providers who can give relevant information to the evaluation
  • Identify social , environmental, and cultural factors relevant to immediate treatment decisions.
  • Determine whether the patient can form alliance that support assessment and treatment
  • Develop plan for follow up

Why use Arcadian in Emergency rooms

  • Arcadian can take the time for verbal de-escalation, cognitive referring and other crisis interventions
  • Can make rapid connections with outpatient treatment teams and family
  • Rapid therapeutic alliances reduces length of stay
  • Can reduce recidivism
  • Can  decrease unnecessary seclusion, restraint, medications
  • Reduced costs generated by inappropriate inpatient admissions, more rapid ICU discharges, less boarding, fewer one to one sitters, less overall staff time